To start, we design our program individually to you. You will receive guidance from skilled masters-level clinicians and addiction specialists. We will connect you with others going through their journey in recovery to provide support. With the intensive outpatient treatment, you will obtain a variety of helpful recovery skills.


  • Early Recovery skills
  • Relapse Prevention skills
  • Coping skills for alcohol and drug cravings
  • Use effective communication
  • Discover healthy ways to reduce stress
  • Identify your triggers and productive ways to deal with them
  • Decision-making skills
  • Form healthy relationships
  • Time Management and Scheduling
  • Financial Planning
  • How to enjoy life without using drugs and alcohol


To continue, we believe a significant value during the recovery process is “community.” We offer The Door, a sober living residence for men. The sober living community provides the opportunity to live in a supportive environment, apply the principles you are learning, and attend treatment. From day one, you’re free to work or attend school, while rebuilding your social, familial, and professional relationships. If recommended, Sober Living offers an excellent, alternative environment to implement recovery in comparison to inpatient/residential treatment (rehab). Rehab can last anywhere from 30 to 60 days and separates you from the outside world, delaying the opportunity to incorporate recovery in your everyday life. If inpatient care is recommended initially, a Sober Living community is ideal for your next step in recovery.


Giving newly recovering addicts and alcoholics the needed guidance to apply a relapse prevention plan.

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